"In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

27 Mar 2013

24 Mar 2013

Season spring - summer 2013 just started :)

Few photos we have taken today on the way up the Bray Head in Co. Wicklow. Strong winds and steep slope approach.

22 Mar 2013

14 Mar 2013

Wicklow Mountains

Mid March 2013

Dublin at its best...

Sunset on the Liffey

My best weather ever - mist.


26.. 26... 26!!!

So if you think you have it bad outside of Poland this a simple example of two forms that do the same thing one is Polish and the other one is from Ireland. It's the application form for E111 European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Polish form:

I counted 26 different pieces of information you have to provide to register one person.

Irish form:

11 fields to register all members of your family...

Conclusions? You draw them yourself I've done my bit here.