"In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

6 Dec 2014

Life saver - packaging gem

Some people have the sense of humor... nonetheless :) not really packaging gem but funny but not in the morning thou.

12 Nov 2014

Beautiful Ireland - Wicklow Mountains - Maulin

Short Sunday walk. Another few pictures from Wicklow Mountains. This time we decided to climb Maulin. We walked part of the Wicklow Way before reaching the top.

Powerscourt Waterfall on the right. 

View from the flat just before hiking last bit up the hill.

Way up the hill.

27 Oct 2014

Beautiful Ireland - Wicklow Mountains - Glendalough

Short 10km walk around the Upper Lake. Two panorama pictures of the Upper Lake and the Miners Village. Information about Glendalough on Wikipedia and Glendalough Website and Maps for most popular walks.

10 Oct 2014

Low cost garden clean up - advertising gem

These pictures were taken in Dublin city. Although, this is questionable quality gardening company the advertising campaign caught my attention.

Beautiful Ireland - Wicklow Mountains - Little Sugar Loaf

Today I would like to share two panoramas taken from Little Sugar Loaf one day in September. Bray and other Wicklow peaks can be seen in the distance More information about the Little Sugar Loaf. I used my phone Samsung Note 3 to take these pictures.

Pumpkin! ... No! Sesame! - packaging gem

Another packaging gem. This time the sesame that is made with 100% pumpkin seeds.

20 Sept 2014

Norwegian 737 Project

I wanted to share this website with you. It is all about building a dream! I have been following this project since its beginnings. I am very impressed with the results! Good luck! Have fun!

6 Sept 2014

Imagining the Tenth Dimension by Rob Bryanton

I have come across this video long time ago. It is very interesting to be able to think about the universe in ten dimensions. I am at the point where I sort of understand duration as forth dimension. Watch it and good luck with better understanding of the universe!

Rob Bryanton is the author of this view. He is referred to as peudophysicist in the net. The video aims to explain ten dimensional universe. Despite the criticism this video received I think it still does give a lot of food for thought or at least makes you curious.

For more information look up his blog.

1 Sept 2014

Not so obvious...

I have come across couple of new packaging gems I would like to share them with you. I already wrote about fat free vinegar and unlucking phones. This time it is about paper and noodles.

The first is the box of everyday office printing paper... you would think. But no! It is not just an ordinary box of white printing paper. In fact it is "black and white printing paper". What does it mean exactly? Is it white paper or is it black paper or a mix? On closer inspection of the ream of this paper I found no black paper. Even if you assume this is a box of white printing paper, why is it not black and colour printing paper? What is going to happen if you print in colour? Is it going to go on fire?! Blow the office up?! What, what, what...?!

And noodles. Fuqing noodles with characteristic SS symbol on the left hand side.

1 Aug 2014

Poland - Ukraine

This summer I went to Poland and Ukraine. Ukraine is a beautiful country. It was very sunny and hot 37+. I tasted couple of new foods: Cheburyak - sort of deep fried pastry with meet, Salo - fatback with salt and garlic and Watermelons - the juiciest and sweetest I have ever eaten. Ukraine is a huge country with very good soil - chernozem (black-coloured soil) - the green fields were reaching horizon. Three meters high sunflowers were not unusual. People were very friendly and open. Ukraine is great country with huge potential.

At the moment Ukrainian people are fighting for freedom with Russian separatists in the east of the country. I noticed very strong patriotic movement in the country. I stayed in Rivne. Ukrainian and EU flags were visible everywhere, in the police cars, shop displays and on the streets. I was very lucky to be in Ukraine during this special, historical time. I hope that Ukraine will be better, stronger and united country were the war is over.

Below pictures are mix of Poland and Ukraine. Warsaw - view from Palace of Culture and Science, Ukraine - Rivne, Lazienki Park, Otrebusy - Private Museum of Automotive and Technology.

24 Jun 2014

35th Michael Manning Memorial "Dunshaughlin 10KM"

This is how a very tired man looks like :) after running 10km in 46:50 min on his last 400m stretch.

18 May 2014

Louvre Mona Lisa and cattle

On this occasion I want to talk about my recent visit to Louvre. The place is impressive without the shadow of a doubt. There are thousands of exhibits many of them very rare and famous. One thing that you definitely have to see is painting by Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa or La Gioconda.

Because of the history of theft and vandalism the painting is behind the bulletproof glass and fenced from the visitors by a barrier. I can understand it and I am even in favour if it will keep this painting safe from the lunatics.

I know that probably many people have already written about it on the net but there is a point I want to make. We are fascinated with technology and probably a bit too much sometimes. What is the point of going to see an art work when all we want to do is to take a photo of it with our smartphone or tablet? Instead of really enjoying the moment? Lets all push each other like cattle in a pursuit of the best picture taken with the phone. I do not want to make it a bitter post criticizing humankind look at the photos and make your own mind up about it.

The last post is if you really want picture with Mona Lisa there are plenty on the web. You can even buy reprint for €11 in Louvre if you so like.

9 May 2014

Diatom Reload - Glendalough Co. Wicklow Ireland

These pictures present collection of Diatoms collected in Glendalough Co. Wicklow in Ireland. I think they are very beautiful micro organism hence they found the place on my blog.

6 May 2014

My noise - mynoise.net - Enjoy the noise!

Today I found it. My noise.

If you knew me long enough, it would be no surprise to you that I've chosen B-17 Propeller Noise. People like the strangest things. I like to listen this sound while writing.

On the website you can find different sounds that can make you calm or distracted. They can help you with studying or meditation. Site accepts small donations in exchange for some additional functionality like saving your noise as cookie or bookmark in your  browser.

I hope you find it useful or fun. Click it http://mynoise.net/ and enjoy the noise! Don't forget to press Animate! so your noise changes over time yet stays in the same range of frequencies. I like low, long, deep frequencies. What do you think is your Holy Grail of sounds?

5 May 2014

28 Mar 2014

Ingress. The Game.

I found this game through a friend. I think this is one of the best ideas I have come across in a long time! Ingress

This is just a bit of gameplay - an intel map from my area.

30 Jan 2014


These are the microscope photos done by my friend. The sample of the water was taken from the water tank in my attic.