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18 May 2014

Louvre Mona Lisa and cattle

On this occasion I want to talk about my recent visit to Louvre. The place is impressive without the shadow of a doubt. There are thousands of exhibits many of them very rare and famous. One thing that you definitely have to see is painting by Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa or La Gioconda.

Because of the history of theft and vandalism the painting is behind the bulletproof glass and fenced from the visitors by a barrier. I can understand it and I am even in favour if it will keep this painting safe from the lunatics.

I know that probably many people have already written about it on the net but there is a point I want to make. We are fascinated with technology and probably a bit too much sometimes. What is the point of going to see an art work when all we want to do is to take a photo of it with our smartphone or tablet? Instead of really enjoying the moment? Lets all push each other like cattle in a pursuit of the best picture taken with the phone. I do not want to make it a bitter post criticizing humankind look at the photos and make your own mind up about it.

The last post is if you really want picture with Mona Lisa there are plenty on the web. You can even buy reprint for €11 in Louvre if you so like.

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Unknown said...

You're absolutely right! stop that smartphone dictatorship that steals our lives from us! I am fed up with a picture of people busy with their phones at all times. They don't communicate anymore, nor enjoy their real lives. They spend their time with eyes stuck in the screen of their little rulers. Isn't this ridiculous to enjoy taking pictures of Mona Lisa more than watching it in Louvre?