"In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

26 Apr 2015

Beautiful Ireland - Botanic Garden Dublin

Spring is a perfect time to visit Botanic Garden in Dublin. The main reason to visit this place is that it is simply beautiful. It is free to go in and on Sunday there are two free tours lasting for an hour at 12:00 and 14:30. My favourite place is the tropical glasshouse. It look and feels like tropical jungle while you are in. Below few pictures from my last visits. The Viking house, orchid and bonsai exhibitions, and spring flower beds.

22 Apr 2015

IMRA First Run - Bray Head

This was my first run With IMRA. Very well organised. Only few bottle necks on the way up. Very enjoyable 5km run up and down the Bray Head.

15 Apr 2015

Connemarathon 2015

My first marathon. Some people said to me it was the hardest one to do in Ireland. I enjoyed every single moment of it! West of Ireland is a beautiful part of the world. On my journey this time I visited Galway, Clifden, Cleggan and Inishbofin. The Connemarathon and Inishbofin were definitely two best parts of the trip.

Organisers of the Connemarathon did an outstanding job. Everything from the number collection in Galway, through transfer buses, the run to the finish line refreshments were perfect. Magnificent landscape made this run a bit easier. Weather was great but only if you were not running a marathon. Until the very start of the race it was freezing cold. Five kilometres into the run the weather turned and we were running in blazing sun for the rest of the race. Water stations were very well stocked. At the end we had plenty to choose from including fruit, water, soup, cake and so on. Great people, great atmosphere. I look forward to the next one! I ran it in 03:45:29 I think I set the bar very high for myself ;)

Inishbofin is an island situated few miles from the Irish mainland. It is a magic place. With population of 150 people it was one of the most remote communities I visited in some time. To my surprise Inishbofin has and air port EIIB, scuba diving centre :) I went there on the ferry that leaves Cleggan at 11:30. It takes about half an hour to get to Inishbofin pier. After few hours of angling I went back on the same boat that departs from the island at 17:00. I will be back :)

6 Apr 2015

The new garden.

This year I decided I will change the look of my back garden and plant some flowers. I got most of my bulbs and seeds from Tesco, Aldi and Lidl. I think they are just as good. So this is how it looks now. I will take another picture in some time when it starts to grow.

Spring garden

 Garden Plan