"In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

19 Jul 2015

Bray Air Show 2015

Yet another Bray Air Show. This year the weather was against photographers. Low light conditions made it difficult. I did my best at making them a bit better in the software. Some of these pictures were taken by my young friend Finn O'Neill. He did very well in his first attempt at documenting the show!

11 Jul 2015

Internet Gem

How not to answer the question if you want to be helpful...

8 Jul 2015

IMRA Run - Ballinastoe

Another great run organised by Irish Mountain Running Association. 12km through trenches and bog :) Love it!

2 Jul 2015

36th Dunshaughlin Michael Manning 10km Road Race

There we did it again. Exactly year ago I started my running journey here in Dunshaughlin. This is and always will be a special place for me. Time this year was 45:58.

If Buddha ran he would look alike :)

Last year's run 35th Michael Manning Memorial "Dunshaughlin 10KM"

Monty Python

I love Monty Python. The themes from the show seem to transpire throughout my life. I just wanted to celebrate them here on my website.

"There are religions, there are companies which are desperately trying to control what we are, what we think, and we're just saying, Up Yours!" Michael Palin