"In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

28 Oct 2015

Dublin Marathon

There I did it! I had a plan to run marathon under 3h 30min and I did it! I am very happy and would like to thank you all (you know who you are :) ) for the support! The time was 3:29:52.

17 Oct 2015

Running for Gold 4:22 min/km

We were one with universe. The road, beings and the breeze. We dwelt in impermanent joy. Revelled in every step.

6 Oct 2015

Thanks Jurker!

Below run I would like to dedicate to Scott Jurek. The pace in this run resulted from the inspiration I got from his book Eat&Run. I would advice to read this book if you think about running, you are running or you got fed up running!