"In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

30 Dec 2016

2016 Legends

Hey Dave this I've put together especially for you! To celebrate our runs in 2016.

In the center our epic Dunshaughlin run!

18 Dec 2016

Winter Trip

This year we were in Poland for Christmas.

Click the blue.

15 Dec 2016

New Lord of the Rings

Here is an impression of me as new character in LOTR ;)

© James

12 Dec 2016

14 Nov 2016

House for sale - advertising gem

My friend saw this offer in a window of a shop down the country. This is priceless!

Photo © David Mac

1 Nov 2016

Botanic Gardens Dublin - Autumn

I like botanic gardens all year round. There is nothing better than hide from autumn cold in warm tropical green house :)

Click on the flowers above to access the full album.

8 Oct 2016

Donadea Running Club 10km

Nice 10k forest warm up. Organised by Donadea Running Club. This race was very well attended. The after party was great :)

25 Sept 2016

3 Sept 2016

Orchid Phalaenopsis

I've kept orchids for years. This year one of them decided that it instead of growing one flower stem it will grow three. On the subject of caring for orchids... They do not need much care. In fact most of the times the less care the better. There are some fundamentals. Orchids get burned by direct sunlight. Best place to keep them is the east window. Not in direct sunlight. Orchids do not need as much watering as one could think. You should only water an orchid when its leaves are becoming soft to touch. They just do not feel as firm as they were just after watering. The second indicator that the plant needs water are its roots. When the roots in the pot are whitish it's the time to water. Aerial roots will become white much quicker but they are not an indicator for watering. I water my orchids under the shower. They do not like cold water. Shower them for a minute or two. Leave them be for an hour so the water drains. Orchids like spraying with water. You can spray leaves and flowers once a day - again not too much. Orchids do not need tropical climate. Plants will adjust to wide variety of conditions.

14 Aug 2016

National Botanic Gardens - Kilmacurragh

Late summer visit to Kilmacurragh.

Click the flower!

Places called after Vic

I found those places called Vic on Google Maps by a pure chance. Now I know: there are places named after Vic.

Vic Spain

Vik Iceland

Vik Norway

31 Jul 2016

24 Jul 2016

Bray Air Show 2016

Bray Air Show was a great display. It was a fantastic day for aviation enthusiasts in Ireland. 2016 is a year of 100th anniversary of 1916 Easter Rising and many teams celebrated that by colouring the smoke to match an Irish flag colours. Displaying teams were, among many other: Red ArrowsBreitling WingwalkersThe Frecce Tricolori, Patrouille Tranchant and many more in the album below.

Click the plane!

10 Jul 2016

Great Google Search

I went looking for Ulster Bank on Google and here is what I found:

Everything looks all right, doesn't it? I got curious about CEO of the bank sharing the name with the great singer. When I clicked in James Brown, Google's great search engine took me exactly where I expected to arrive :)

26 Jun 2016

Waterford Viking Marathon 2016

There I did it! Another marathon under the belt. Stats and photos for the posterity.
Waterford Viking Marathon

The Training - Just done 32km


Start line

After race smile :)

And the kick ass medal!

18 Jun 2016

37th Dunshaughlin Michael Manning 10km Road Race

Here we go again. This year as always Dunshaughlin AC pulled off a great event. The aim was to run around 5:00 min/km but it didn't happen that way. The final result is 44:11 as per my Garmin. Photos are to follow soon...

22 May 2016

May Garden

We planted our spring bulbs very late this year and they bloomed very late too. Now in the middle of May we are finally able to see some tulips and daffodils flower. I always liked the black tulip variety.

8 May 2016

Skilled pilots - Dornier Do-28G-92 Skyservant

Talking of crazy pilots. I knew about first video for a long time. It was impressive. Recently after a bit of googling I found the same landing but recorded from the runway!

There he is!

This is one of my favourite photos of myself :)

24 Apr 2016

Spring in the garden

This spring is very cold and late I would think. Below few photographs from a recent hail storm and some flowering updates.

The Hail


Flowering Update