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25 Sept 2016

3 Sept 2016

Orchid Phalaenopsis

I've kept orchids for years. This year one of them decided that it instead of growing one flower stem it will grow three. On the subject of caring for orchids... They do not need much care. In fact most of the times the less care the better. There are some fundamentals. Orchids get burned by direct sunlight. Best place to keep them is the east window. Not in direct sunlight. Orchids do not need as much watering as one could think. You should only water an orchid when its leaves are becoming soft to touch. They just do not feel as firm as they were just after watering. The second indicator that the plant needs water are its roots. When the roots in the pot are whitish it's the time to water. Aerial roots will become white much quicker but they are not an indicator for watering. I water my orchids under the shower. They do not like cold water. Shower them for a minute or two. Leave them be for an hour so the water drains. Orchids like spraying with water. You can spray leaves and flowers once a day - again not too much. Orchids do not need tropical climate. Plants will adjust to wide variety of conditions.