"In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

25 Feb 2017

Gardening season is open

We didn't bother cleaning the garden for winter. The leaves from sycamore trees covered the soil and protected primroses and other plans from winter frost. Also some of it would provide nutrients for next season. End of winter came and we decided to tidy it up.

13 Feb 2017

Beautiful Ireland (?)- Wicklow Mountains - Lugnaquilla

This post is in Beautiful Ireland section however the weather that we had on the day was far from  OK. At certain stage we could not see 20m in front of of us.

12 Feb 2017

SETI@home 1 000 000

I hit 1 million points in search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It's been some time and a few different machines. At some stage there were 6 of them doing the calculation for SETI@home.