"In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

29 May 2017

Naming Gem - Foo-kin Gusto

As usual in the Gem series no so typical naming...

Foo-kin brilliant :D

17 May 2017

Garden - New Planter

This is a planter that we built in our garden using this project: Pallet Planter Box For Cascading Flowers

Planter below was built as a spin off.

2 May 2017

Belfast stroll

We had a bit of time in Belfast. We went on a stroll to see botanic garden that is really a park with some very old greenhouse. Obviously, we had to see the march. Ulster Museum on the other hand was great.

1 May 2017

Belfast Marathon

One week after running Connemarathon I did marathon in Belfast. Lots of people said I was mad doing two one week apart. Well, it turned out okay. The great thing about this one was the pint I was served along the route. Tastes great on the 20 odd kilometre :)